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Our team of lawyers provides professional and high-quality legal assistance in case of conflicts with customs or tax authorities.

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A lawyer specializing in tax and customs law at the Legal Center “Defense and Finance” will explain how to minimize tax payments without violating current legislation, provide legal assistance in resolving issues related to taxation and many other matters in this category.

Tax consulting for legal entities and individuals

Challenging tax notifications-decisions in court

Challenging decisions on suspension and refusal to register tax invoices in court

Support and consultation during tax audits

Preparation of objections to inspection reports

Legal support if necessary for administrative appeals against illegal actions of customs authorities

Identification and prevention of tax risks

Challenging decisions on customs valuation adjustments

Numerous reforms in our country have led to an increase in problems related to customs disputes and current tax legislation.

It is advisable for companies to have a lawyer specializing in tax law who provides legal advice on tax disputes, tax payments, tax reporting, timely response to tax inspection reports, and provides quality and professional legal assistance in case of conflicts with customs authorities.

In the case of conducting foreign economic activity, the company is obliged to comply with certain norms and rules, which often become the basis for various conflict situations, among which the most common are disputes with customs authorities. Experienced and qualified lawyers will be needed to successfully resolve customs disputes for companies. The customs disputes lawyer of “Law and Finance” legal center provides quality and professional legal assistance in case of conflicts with customs authorities, provides legal support if necessary for appealing against illegal actions of customs authorities, and also provides assistance when applying to court or considering a protocol for violating customs rules.

The “Law and Finance” legal center provides support to clients both during administrative (pre-trial) appeal of actions and decisions of fiscal and customs services, and in court proceedings, namely:

  • legal expertise of documents;
  • collection of evidence base;
  • filing a complaint to a higher authority;
  • filing an administrative lawsuit;
  • representation in court;
  • appealing decisions in appellate and cassation courts;
  • interaction with the enforcement service.

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